Meet us in the Stunfest indie area from 18th to 20th May. We will present ou "made for the occasion" demo. Test it during Playtest sessions of Saturday 19 from 10 to 17h and the Sunday 20 from 11 to 19h.

Spend a few minutes with Ali, Vincent and our Guillaume who will be delighted to introduce the game and have your feedback.

So come and join us!!


Susan lighting up her way across London catacombs.

One of illustrations of T-shirt and other customizations.

Dunst teaser backgrounds.

  • Teaser - Plan 1

Mysterious scene in the headmaster's office of Stockwood orphenage.

Full teaser

To launch the Dunst saga Dunst, our animators participated to the 2017 Inktober.

To remind you, during a 31 days adventure, attendants share a ink draw per day on a given subject.


  • Day 1 : Swift "True hope is swift, and flies with swallow's wings." (Shakespeare - Richard III)