“I will never grow up for I will no longer keep my promises, like all adults, and everyone will begin to despise me.”

Colin, inspired by Mark Twain

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cadre colin


Ten year old lad, this free spirit is generous and adventurous. Living at the Stockwood orphanage surrounded by his friends, he likes to remind them that he is the leader of the band! As a literature lover, he finds refuge in his own world, inspired by the adventures of his favorite heroes. He aspires to become a great writer himself.
Being forced to live in an environment as sinister and hostile as the Stockwood orphanage has caused him to lose all confidence in the adult world, which he considers doomed.

His elder sister is in a coma at St Thomas’ Hospital.

cadre Goupil


Wise and cultivated, he is a solid and complementary companion to Colin. They are exactly the same age. His arm is wounded for a mysterious reason, yet, it seems that Colin is linked to it.

The two children like to infiltrate the library reserve in order to steal, read and find inspiration from the fantastic novels banned by Mr.Banshee, making them even more eager to tell stories to the other kids.

cadre Miacis


Twelve year old child, Miacis is a secret and discreet person, often provoked by bullies working for the director. This child is very protective with Lippu, the smallest orphan, picking fights whenever he or a friend can’t defend himself. Unfortunately, the rules are strict and violence is not tolerated. Miacis is regularly exiled in the horrible cellar of the orphanage.
Lippu reminds Miacis of a person from the past.

Miacis eye band has given birth to many rumors.

cadre lippu


This six year old boy is the smallest of the band. Since a serious event happened to him, he is mute.
Despite this, he remains an inveterate gourmand. Unaware of the orphans’ danger, he often gets caught wandering in the kitchen. Victim of his gluttony, he undergoes the worst imaginable punishment: Mr.Banshee forces him to finish all of the remains. ALL OF THEM, until the poor lad can no longer walk.

Small, he is an easy target for the bullies, but he found in Miacis a protective and attentive friend.

cadre Oscar et Dickon

Oscar & Dickon

Oscar and Dickon, nine year old, are like night and day. They are very different and yet the same. Very sharp and agile, they climb trees as easy as we walk. Being together is their greatest strength for they can always count on one another.

Oscar is the calm one and is a great admirer of Edgar Allan Poe and Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Dickon, on the other hand, is more extrovert and can spontaneously trade his legendary agility with an uncontrollable clumsiness. He is fascinated by stories such as “The Treasure Island” by Robert Louis Stevenson.

cadre Susan


This ten year old girl is living in the beautiful neighborhood of Kensington. Her mother died when she was young and her father is constantly working. As the orphans, Susan found shelter in books. Rather spoiled, she has a strong character and can quickly become violent as soon as the situation escapes her control.

Greatest admirer of Jules Verne and Amelia Earhart, her dream is to become an aviator to fly all over the world.

She doesn’t know the orphans yet, but future events will bring them together and unite their fate forever.

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